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How small is small?

What is the perfect size for a small church community? Husband Jim and I have participated in groups as small as 5 and as large as 18, and all sizes can work. With the smallest groups, it seems people have an extra incentive to attend every meeting, knowing that each of them constitutes 20 percent of the group.


With the larger groups, it is extremely important to divide up into smaller breakout sections of 3-4 to delve into the discussion questions. Many people simply won't speak, even with six or eight others, because they're afraid their thoughts are not profound enough, or holy enough. I have discussed this before in this space, but it's important to keep this in mind if your "small" Christian community is really quite large. Also, when returning from those smaller-group breakout sessions, be sure to ask each group to share something from its discussion. That way, the comments that affected those in the breakout sessions can be shared with everyone.


From time to time we asked that group of 18 about dividing into two groups of 9, a more typical size, but they weren't interested. They all knew and liked each other and couldn't figure out a good split. So 18 it was, for a year or so. A large group like that does keep the energy levels up!



A personal note - About a year ago I was declared cancer-free, and am still in remission from non-Hodgkins lymphoma! Thanks to all for the prayers and good wishes. Thank God for oncologists and all the strides in cancer research and treatments!



On Dec. 3, 2017, we began our new liturgical year, Year B, with its focus on the Gospel of Mark. This Gospel is noted for its brevity and the sense of urgency on the part of Jesus and his disciples during His short ministry. Please contact Liguori Publications at 800-325-9521 for copies of my 6-meeting guide to the Gospel. Chapter outlines and sample reflection questions are on the menu to the left.


Unpublished Meeting Guides

Here is a list of my small group series that have not yet been published. I would be happy to send you a sample chapter and then print on demand if you'd like to buy them for your small groups. Six-session titles include:

The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of John

Great Figures of the Old Testament

The Sacrament of Baptism (six-week session breaking open each word and element in the ritual)

Saints Who Changed the Church


There is one series written for 7 meetings:

The Liturgical Year (7 sessions - one on the liturgical calendar, one on each liturgical season)


Like the Gathered in His Name titles, these booklets are printed on 11x17 paper, folded to 8-1/2x11, and run 24-30 pages long. At this time, unless prices change at the print shop, the cost would be $5.00 per copy for the six-meeting series and $5.50 for The Liturgical Year, plus shipping. Please contact me at margo@doten.us if you're interested. Thanks!



Recently we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. If your small group is looking for a resource that will help explore the Council and its major documents, please consider "The Spirit of Vatican II," one of the meeting guides in my "Gathered In His Name" series. The guide gives an overview of the Council, and then walks through each of the four Constitutions, looking at what it says and the effect it's had on the church and the world. There are also a few interesting anecdotes from the Council and the life of Saint John XXIII. Try it!


  • See reflection questions for the Gospels of the next four Sundays (and sometimes for holidays or feastdays that come up during the week). Use them for fruitful discussions in your small groups.
  • Discover more about the Gathered In His Name series for small church communities. Check the "Small Group Guides" menu at left. You’ll find synopses and sample questions from each meeting of every title in the series.
  • Read articles I wrote for Church and Catechumenate magazines. Topics include RCIA sponsors, RCIA rituals, parish communications programs, leading a tour of the parish church/worship center, and “Faithful Citizenship” (written in 2004). You'll find them under the "Published Articles" menu.
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Oct. 21, 2018 Mark 10:35-45 1. “Drinking the cup” and “being baptized” are images of sharing in Christ’s suffering. Share one way you are doing that right now in your life. 2. Whom are you serving this week? Do you like being a servant? Why or why not? How could you be a better servant? THIRTIETH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Oct. 28, 2018 Mark 10:46-52 1. If Jesus said to... (continued)
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